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Apple patents dual camera setup, may come in future iPhones


We have seen lots of buzz on Internet about Apple’s upcoming iPhones i.e. iPhone 6C & iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 is expected to bring some very unique features. Some rumors also claimed that the iPhone 7 may sport dual camera technology which will produce DSLR like images. But nothing is official till date. It was reported that ‘Apple Reveals a Zoom Lens Breakthrough for Future iDevices’. Yesterday the company published a patent application which included a Dual Camera zoom system which will come in future iDevices.

This technology uses multiple cameras to provide optical zoom to user which will be very interesting & provide a real DSLR like image quality. If we take a closer look at the actual patent there will be two cameras placed side-by-side, the first one with a larger field of view and the other one with smaller field of view. Its very clear that one of these lenses will let you capture photo & other one with larger focal length will allow you to focus on the object.


The actual patent is also present in the ‘Multi-functional Device’ segment which indicates that it can be used for some other purpose also.IN the patent filing document Apple notes “In some embodiments, the device is a portable communications device, such as a mobile telephone, that also contains other functions, such as PDA and/or music player functions. Other portable electronic devices, such as laptops, cameras, cell phones, or tablet computers, may also be used. It should also be understood that, in some embodiments, the device is not a portable communications device, but is a desktop computer with a camera. In some embodiments, the device is a gaming computer with orientation sensors (e.g., orientation sensors in a gaming controller). In other embodiments, the device is not a portable communications device, but is a camera.”

Not just the camera tech,Apple has also acquired a facial recognition company Emotient. Emotient is a facial recognition company that scans peoples’ faces & reads their sentiments & emotional side of them. Emotient was recently tested on Google Glass to check the feelings of peoples.

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The patent from Apple was having application no. 20160007008. It was filed back in Q2 of 2015. As we know that this is just patent so actual product might be far away from reality.


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