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Google releases April’s security update for Android

Google has been always proactive about security on Android. As part of that Google has started Monthly security update for Android devices. So, Google has now posted April’s security patches update for Android. Check the changelog below to learn what fixes and patches it brings.


  • Exploitation for many issues on Android is made more difficult by enhancements in newer versions of the Android platform. We encourage all users to update to the latest version of Android where possible.

  • The Android Security team is actively monitoring for abuse with Verify Apps and SafetyNet, which will warn the user about detected potentially harmful applications about to be installed. Device rooting tools are prohibited within Google Play. To protect users who install applications from outside of Google Play, Verify Apps is enabled by default and will warn users about known rooting applications. Verify Apps attempts to identify and block installation of known malicious applications that exploit a privilege escalation vulnerability. If such an application has already been installed, Verify Apps will notify the user and attempt to remove any such applications.

  • As appropriate, Google Hangouts and Messenger applications do not automatically pass media to processes such as mediaserver.

Here is the list of Nexus  Devices which will get Monthly security updates:

  1. Nexus 5 (MMB29X)
  2. Nexus 5X (MHC19Q)
  3. Nexus 6 (MMB29X)
  4. Nexus 6P (MHC19Q)
  5. Nexus 7 2013 WiFi (MOB30D)
  6. Nexus 7 2013 LTE (MMB29X)
  7. Nexus 9 WiFi (MOB30D)
  8. Nexus 9 LTE (MMB29X)
  9. Nexus 10 (LMY49J)
  10. Nexus Player (MOB30D)

So have you updated you device with latest security patches? Comments below.

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