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Making Simpsons GIFs a Child Game Now – Thanks to ‘Frinkiac’

One more gift from Frinkiac, after their Creative and successful  Simpsons meme generator, Frinkiac has now added the feature of Producing Simpsons GIFs from nearly 3 million screenshots from the first 15 seasons of the hit animated show, by looking for a quote from any of the characters. Rediscover favorite moments  down the Memory Road.

“It’s for people who love The Simpsons, to enhance and enable that love. We want it to spur more appreciation and re-watching of the show”


How Do You Search?

Only the subtitles are indexed — so you have to search for things that were actually said. (This means we can’t find scenes based on a description of what was happening, just what the closed captions were.)

You can only create a gif within Seconds.

The website was created by Sean Schulte, Paul Kehrer and Allie Young.

What’s coming next @

Here’s a few things we’re currently working on:

  • Social media sharing features
  • A “Random” button
  • GIF generator
  • Support for more languages