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Motorola Moto X Force gets Android Nougat in Latin America

Motorola has now officially released the Android Nougat update for the Moto X Force. The update news comes directly from the Latin America website of Motorola. The update is currently available for users of Moto X Force in Latin America only.

The​update brings several new changes to the smartphone. It brings Android Nougat with version 7.0 not any better. The website has mentioned a special​note that if you install this version, you won’t be able to return back to previous OS. Official changelog brings long list of changes​and new features to your Motorola Moto X Force. Detailed changelog is given below,


  • Android Security : Includes updates to Android security patches until April 1, 2017.

You may notice some changes after installing this software update, including:


  • Fast switching between apps : Multitasking on your phone is now easier. Double-tap the preview button / recent applications to toggle between the two most recent applications.
  • Multi-window : Android Nougat supports multiventry views, so you can see two applications at once on your screen. For example, respond to a text message while watching a video, or surf the Internet during a video call. To enable multiventral view, press and hold the preview button / recent apps while in a compatible app. Important: The application developer must enable multiventral view to work with your applications.
  • Work mode : For Android for Work users, Android Nougat comes with a new work mode button, which allows you to turn on and off your work applications’ convenience applications and related notifications for a better work-life balance And leisure.


  • Data reduction : Reducing data helps you reduce the use of mobile data. When data reduction is active, background applications will not be able to access mobile data. An application currently in use will be able to access the data, although it will do so less frequently. You can also choose which applications have unrestricted access to mobile data. To enable data reduction, open Settings from the application tray, go to “Data usage” and then tap “Reduce data”. To adjust data access for individual applications, go to “Unrestricted Data Access”.
  • Twelve on the move : Android Nougat comes with an improved Doze mode. Now your device goes into a low power state when you’re not using it and the screen is off, even if you’re on the move.
  • Runtime Compilation : The new runtime compiler improves device execution performance, which helps reduce the amount of storage space required by applications and speeds up system and application updates.


  • Direct Response Notification : Android Nougat allows you to quickly respond to direct messages from notifications. When you receive a message, slide down the status bar and press “Reply” in the notification of the message. Then, write and send your answer, without having to open the application. Works on compatible applications.
  • Categorized notifications : get more information at a glance. In Android Nougat, you can categorize multiple notifications of the same application into a single notification group. Drag the status bar down and press the group to expand it and view or respond to individual notifications.
  • Notification Controls : You now have more control over notifications. Just touch and hold a notification to open the settings. You can silence or block future alerts from an application from the same notification.

Easy to use

  • Custom Quick Setup : Android Nougat allows you to reorder quick setup tiles, so you can quickly find your favorite settings. Just slide down the status bar with two fingers and then tap “Edit” at the bottom of the quick setup panel.
  • Quick Configuration Bar – A new configuration bar was added at the top of the Notifications tab so you can easily access your quick settings during the review of alerts.
  • Improved configuration navigation : find the correct configuration faster with the updated navigation menu in Settings.
  • Configuration tips : Android Nougat gives you useful tips on how to get the most out of your device. Find them at the top of the Settings menu.
  • Wallpaper for lock screen : now on your phone you can have different wallpapers for the main screen or the lock screen. To set up wallpaper, press and hold an empty space on the main screen and then tap “Wallpaper”. Once an image is selected, press “Set wallpaper” at the top of the screen; You will be prompted to set the wallpaper selected for the main screen, the lock screen, or both.
  • Enhanced System Backup Coverage: Android backups span more device configurations on Android Nougat, including accessibility settings, application runtime permissions, Wi-Fi access point settings, and Wi-Fi network restrictions -Fi.
  • Emoji new and updated : do you use emojis fluently? Bring your words to life with these new emojis, which include redesigned human-shaped emoji with multiple skin tones.
  • Emergency information : In this information you can add information such as name, blood type, if you have any allergies and an emergency contact, so that emergency equipment can see this information in the lock screen of your device. To add or edit emergency information, open Settings from the application tray, scroll to “Users,” and then tap “Emergency Information.”
  • Messages : The Android Messages application facilitates communication with all via SMS, MMS and much more. Stay in touch with family and friends, send group messages and share your favorite audio messages, photos and videos.


  • Accessibility settings in the initial configuration : now you can configure the accessibility features in your phone during the configuration tutorial. Sets amplification gestures, font and screen sizes, and the TalkBack function from the outset.
  • Monophonic output for accessibility : assist users with hearing loss in one ear by combining the right and left stereo outputs into a single monophonic transmission. To activate monaural audio, open Settings from the application tray, then go to “Accessibility” and scroll until you find the “Mono Audio” switch.
  • Text-to-speech synthesis: allows you to set a wider range of beats and tones. Open Settings from the application tray, then go to “Accessibility” and scroll to “Text-to-speech”. Use the sliders to adjust the speed and tone of voice.
  • Screen elements size : In Android Nougat, you can not only change the font size, but also the size of the items on the screen as icons and images. To adjust the size of items on the screen, open Settings from the application tray and press “Display”, then scroll and select “Screen size”.


  • Improvements in Trusted face : unlocking your phone with Trusted Face is now easier. Trusted face, part of the Smart Lock system, has a new face recognition, which is less sensitive to lighting conditions, facial decoration and how to hold the phone.
  • Call filter : Allows the phone’s default application to filter or block incoming calls. To configure the call filter, open the default dial application, tap the menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen (3 vertical points), select “Settings” and then go to “Call barring”.


  • Language preferences and support for multiple regions : You can now add multiple languages ​​in your device settings to customize your experience, such as displaying search results in multiple languages ​​and stop offering website translation in languages ​​you already know. You can also organize your language preferences so that the applications select the keyboard and texts suitable for you.
  • Regions by language : We add the option to select regions for the most common languages. When you add a new language, you will be prompted to select the region (if it supports the selected language).


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