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New puzzle game for iOS ‘Puzzle Strike’ launches next week

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New puzzle game coming to iOS next week. The game name is Puzzle Strike. Puzzle Strike is a deck building puzzle game inspired by puzzle games such as Puzzle Fighter. This game can also play as multiplayer as well as single player.

Watch the trailer :

Developer said :

Puzzle Strike is designed to hold up to thousands of games at the expert level, so they fully embrace the philosophy of even-playfield competition where fairness is the basic promise of competitive games. The game will offer cross-platform play with players from the Steam version, there will be leaderboards, replays, a new Puzzle Challenge mode to help you improve, and more.

Screenshots of the game :

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The game will launch on iOS platform in next week and the pricing is  $3.99. It is fare pricing for a good game like this.

Via : Toucharcade