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Qualcomm’s new patent will let you call two persons simultaneoulsy


Today it is possible to talk to two or more persons on a phone. It is possible only with two methods .The first method is putting one on hold and talking to another. Second & very useful option we have is talking on conference call. But if we take a look at the new patent filed by Qualcomm , we can be sure that the company has found out something with which we can talk to two persons without putting anyone on hold or making a conference calls.

Qualcomm was the most innovative company of 4G LTE domain in 2015. The company has got some new innovation in their house.The company filed two patents in USPTO which states we could have a third option in our smartphone. These two patents are having numbers  20160014578 and  20160013180. If we take a look at these two patents filed by the company, it will be quite clear that Qualcomm really has something that will let us call someone without putting the other one on hold or on conference.

This is possible if we read & understand points 2 and 3 in the patent no. 20160014578.

2. The method of claim 1, wherein the first input/output device is an onboard microphone/speaker of the MSMA device and the second input/output device is a remote device.

3. The method of claim 2, wherein the remote device is one of a headset and another computing device wirelessly coupled to the MSMA device.

So in the above points, it is clear that the input/output devices are speaker and microphone. If you want to know about MSMA , it stands for Multi SIM, Multi Active which is the dual SIM dual active technology that is already available in modern smartphones. So this facility is possible if we connect a Bluetooth speaker in our smartphone. In order to use this we need to use speaker & phone of the smartphone to attend one caller and we can attend the 2nd caller on the speaker & microphone of the Bluetooth speaker. It’s upto you which caller you want on smartphone’s speaker and which one on the Bluetooth speaker. It is also valid for outgoing calls also.




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