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Yahoo launches Yahoo Esports App For IOS Users

Today Yahoo company released Yahoo Esports app for IOS users to give best real-time tournament broadcast coverage on the go. The app sports a card based type interface by which users can navigate between app pages easily. Along with this users can also hit comments on latest stories through the

Yahoo Mail App Updated With Bunch Of New Features Including Themes

Today Yahoo company released a new major update for their official app on Android device. This update packs with bunch of amazing new features including themes. One the best feature that packs with this update is themes. Now you can now select different themes for any of your connected accounts including

Yahoo mail app receives update with multiple account support for gmail

Yahoo mail app gets updated with new features for IOS  and Android. Yahoo mail app now support multiple accounts for gmail. So you can add your gmail account on your yahoo mail app. According to blog here are some new features: Sign in,Password free: now you don't need to remember complicated password,with the use