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Top Twitter Tools for every Twitter user (Power User, Fanatic & Expert)

Twitter Tools

In this article we talk about the must have Twitter Tools for all Twitter Fanatics, Social media experts or normal users out there. These tools greatly enhance your Twitter experience and also provide insights into the analytic part of it. Click on the Tools headings below for the direct link to the Tools.


Bit.Ly: is not just a URL shortener, it also gives you ability to shorten and share links to multiple Twitter accounts from your dashboard. You can also create your own custom short domain to match your username. You can also see the stats for any links you share through your dashboard or through any other apps.


Buffer is one of the smartest Twitter tools used by many. It allows you to schedule your tweets and also provides you with the analytics on your tweets. So your followers get tweets at intervals of their liking and the tool also lets you know likes and dislikes of your audience and also the times when they are mosta ctive.



HootSuite is the Twitter tool of choice for many and you may find many official handles using it to post tweets. It allows handling of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts at once. It packs many cool features that really helps your life easier on Twitter. You can save time by scheduling 100’s of messages and launching multiple campaigns at once. It provides measurement and analysis tools as well to track performance with custom social analytics reports.

Manage Filter:

Manage Filter is a very good cleanup tool to manage Twitter account effectively. Using this tool you can quickly sort your account and find inactive followers whom you might like to unfollow.


Paper.Li allows you to become a publisher on Twitter by making it easy to find, publish, and share content. automatically finds content on any subject, or you can quickly and easily add your own content sources. Then prioritize them and add filters to best reflect the type of content you want. Not interested in a certain site or content contributor


SocialBro as a Twitter tool offers many features which can help anyone make most out of one’s Twitter account. It offers features like finding the right time to tweet, run Direct Messaging campaign & many more. It is great brand buidling tool and professional love to use it for brand awareness creation on Twitter.


TweetDeck allows to create columns to organize your Twitter activity. It also gives ability to send longer messages using their service which creates a shortened URL that directs followers to the rest of your tweet beyond 140 characters.



One of the must have tools if you love to see your Twitter activity in simple graphs to explore more and get more out of your Twitter experience. It simplicity is its appeal. It has a big user-base.


TweetChat is a Twitter Tool that uses hashtags to enable users to participate in individual conversations with other users. It has added new cool features like one-click user highlighting and blocking along with new stream buffering help limit super active hashtags to 5 tweets at a time, giving you more control over how you experience the conversation.


Topsy is another search and analyze tool for Twitter that lets you find links, tweets, influencers, video, images and more for a search term. It allows one to set custom time range for the search as well.


Twibes is like a big universal Twitter directory of Twitter Groups and Twitter Lists. A very handy tool for those who use Twitter for building professional and personal connections.


This is the ultimate Twitter Poll and survey creation tool. It offers a lot of different options for your survey needs: from a simple poll (one-question surveys) to complex multi-page surveys. From #Hashtag Surveys to quizzes. And other custom options such as customer service surveys.

We are certainly open to include more Twitter Tools in this article. So, do let us know if you use any other Twitter tool and has found it better than ones listed here.

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