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Top features of Android N that Google didn’t mention

In a surprise move, Google just changed the strategy of announcing the next Android versions. The company announced Android N developer preview version on 10th March this year. Off course ,the new Android version brought many new features that were mentioned by the company.

But still there were some features Google didn’t mention at the announcement. Guys at lifehacker have found many new features that Google didn’t announce. Some of these top unannounced features are given below,

  1. Improved Recent button: With Android N, Google has made the multitasking button even smarter. Now with Android N,  when you double tap the home button, it will now switch back to the previous app that you were using. While multiple taps will take you to the apps in the order they were opened.
  2. The built-In File Manager has been improved:  With Android N,Google has improved the File manager app. The app was first made available in Android Marshmallow but that was not powerful & let you only coy files. But now with Android N, it lets you rename, copy,create new folder etc.file manager
  3. Call blocking & Do Not disturb: The do not disturb mode was already available in Android Marshmallow. But with Android N, the alarms can override DND. Along with deeper DND integration , there is a new feature called call blocking which is not new but now in Android N, it has system level call blocking feature.fab8ymwkmldokdxoysk9
  4. Emergency contact on Home screen: With Android N, Google has made it’s OS more feature rich. Now the company has introduced a new feature that lets you add any custom number to your home screen which s quite helpful in emergency cases.avyltgoawnoq2brgikaf
  5. Night mode helps you with dark theme: With Android N, Google is bringing a new ‘Night Mode’ which sets darker colors during night time. this helps taking care of eyes against the regular white color. gp9eco2qvqlsqbk3gxtq
  6. No More ‘Optimize Apps’ : Optimize apps was a task you have to do when you are updating your Android OS version. It was introduced with Android Kitkat. But now with Android N, the company has skipped the process of ‘Optimizing Apps’ and this results in faster update experience.
  7. Manual Display Calibration: with this users can tweak the RGB & color settings of the display of their phone for better viewing.
  8. Display Size Slider: Display size slide is nothing very new but interesting which lets you choose the interface size with  just a slider. This feature is already available in Windows 10 Mobile OS.



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