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Two Moto X 2016 Flagships with modular backplate design leak in images

Motorola aka Lenovo  is preparing two new Flagship Moto X 2016 smartphones codenamed: Vertex (on the left) and Vector Thin (to the right) as per the latest set of leaks. Images of the Moto X flagship were leaked by one source earlier and now VentureBeat reveals that there are two flagships not one. Vector Thin is the higher-end handset while Vertex is at the higher mid-range version. Both the devices will have support for modular back plates and will allow as many as six back-plate modules or Amps to be swapped via 16 holes or connection pins on the back.

The bigger story here starts with those 16 holes seen on the back of the white Vertex, above. While they’ve been written off in some coverage as speaker ports, they are actually connection pins that allow modular backplates to be snapped onto either handset.

Motorola has at least six modules, called “Amps,” planned for launch, including a simple colored backplate that ships free with both handsets. The more interesting ones will be, of course, sold separately, both from Moto as well as third-party manufacturers. The first-party modules available at launch allegedly include stereo speakers; a battery pack; a camera grip with flash and optical zoom; a pico projector; and a rugged cover with wide angle lens attachment.

It should now be clear that the phones’ protruding camera lens will actually sit flush when there are Amps attached. They’re connected magnetically in a manner that was said to make for a tight, secure connection while also allowing for easy removal.

Specifications & Features:

  • 5.5-inch AMOLED displays, Vector Thin – Quad HD resolution display , while Vertex will come with Full HD display
  • Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 system-on-chip (2.0GHz quad core) for Vector Thin; Snapdragon 625 (an octa core chip reportedly clocked at 2.4GHz instead of the stock 2.0GHz) for Vertex.
  • Vector Thin will ship with 32GB of storage capacity in conjunction with either 3GB or 4GB of RAM, while Vertex will allegedly come in either 16GB storage / 2GB RAM or 32GB storage / 3GB RAM configurations.
  • Vertex to sport a 16-megapixel sensor with both laser-assisted and phase detection autofocus technologies, while Vector’s 13-megapixel sensor has only the laser AF, but with optical image stabilization thrown in too.
  • Vector Thin’s incredibly svelte profile: at 5.2 millimeters thick, it’s even slimmer than Vertex’s already respectable thickness of about 7mm.
  • Vector’s thinness comes at the price of reduced battery capacity: It contains just a 2600mAh cell, compared to the 3500mAh pack in the less-pixel-dense Vertex.
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