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Verizon’s HTC One M9 gets Android Nougat update

HTC One M9

US carrier Verizon is now providing a new update to the HTC One M9 smartphone. The HTC One M9 on Verizon is now getting the update with Verizon’s own firmware.

The software firmware version for this update is 4.49.605.11 on Verizon’s HTC One M9. This update comes with security patches of upto August 1, 2017. There are many new features added to the HTC One M9 with this update. The new features include multi window support, split screen view, data saver, easier navigation in the settings app, faster reply through the notification pane, quicker multitasking and much more.


Use two apps at same time with multi-window view:

  • To activate multi-window view, touch and hold the Recent Apps button. Whichever app you’re currently using will go to the top of the screen on your HTC One M9, with a list of recent apps along the bottom.
  • Select the second app you want to use from the list. Drag the divider to resize the app windows, or to maximize either active app.

Split-screen view:

Multitasking has never been easier, use 2 apps on screen at the same time.

To enable Split-screen mode (Portrait orientation):

  1. Touch and hold the Recent Apps button.
  2. Tap and hold the app you want to use and drag it to the top of your screen.
  3. To use an app on the bottom screen:
    • Swipe up or down through your recent apps.
    • Tap the app you want to use.

If you have one app open, you can also switch to Split-screen view by tapping and holding the Recent Apps button, and your current app will move to the top half of the screen.

HTC One M9 Using Two Apps screenshot
Data saver:

With Android Nougat on the HTC One M9, you can now enable Data Saver to restrict specific apps from using data in the background. Under the Data Usage menu, open Data Saver and slide or tap it on. You can then go through a list of apps installed on your device, and enable background data for each one you want.

HTC One M9 Data Saver screenshot
HTC One M9 Data Saver screenshot
Easier Settings app navigation:

When in Settings, you can quickly hop between various sections by dragging in from the left edge. Settings are broken down into the same categories as the main list, but using the slide-out menu eliminates the need to tap the back button, scroll, and then select another setting category.

HTC One M9 Quick Access Settings screenshot

Quicker multi-tasking:

You can now double-tap the Recent Apps button to quickly switch between your two most recently used apps. For example, if you’re writing an email in Gmail™ but need to look something up, you can open Chrome™, find and copy a link, then double-tap the recent apps button and your HTC One M9 will switch back to Gmail.

Reply with speed:

You can now reply directly in notifications from apps like Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, or Messenger directly, so you can have a conversation without having to bounce between apps.


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