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Google Keep Updated with new features

Today Google has updated Google Keep with new features. Update is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Here are new features of Google Keep:

  • Save links without losing your place using keep chrome extension
  • Save links to keep without having to switch app
  • Organize your thoughts with #Labels in keep
  • Customize your notes with keep’s tool in reach

According to Google’s doc blog:

Keep is ready when you are
The next time you’re on a website that you want to remember or reference later on, use the new Keep Chrome extension to add it—or any part of it—to a note in Keep. Just click the Keep badge to add a site’s link to a note, or select some text or an image and create a new note from the right-click menu.
Same goes for Android —you can now create a note while you’re browsing or tapping away in other apps—without having to open Keep. Just open the “Share via” window and choose Keep to create a new note.
Organize your thoughts with #Labels
One of your top asks has been for a way to organize and categorize notes, and now it’s as easy as using a #hashtag. This should help you keep track of to-do lists for a #trip or a collect your favorite #recipes, for example.
You’ll also notice that some of the menus have been moved around to group similar options together, as pictured below.

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