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Exclusive: Latest Samsung Patent reveals Galaxy Note 8 design & Edge Screen Touch Input feature

A very recent Samsung Patent spotted by us is very interesting in nature because of two reasons. First, because it features a new innovative feature “Edge Screen Touch Input” that may make its way to the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 smartphone. And second, its drawing may have revealed the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 design.

Check the images above and below. The design revealed in drawings look very similar to one of the leaked Galaxy Note 8 renders posted by well-known leaker OnLeaks.

Below is the Galaxy Note 8 render posted by OnLeaks. You can notice the striking similarity between leaked render below and the drawings in the patent.

Now coming to the Edge Screen Touch Feature, it seems that Samsung is working on to bring touch-enabled Edge Screen input to its smartphones starting with Galaxy Note 8. As one can understand from the drawings above and the description below, the smartphone will be able to read two touch interactions at Edge screens, started by fingers of the opposite hands. It will then identify the gestures made by fingers after touching the Edge Screen and would be able to do many actions on the smartphone display.

Using Edge Screen Gestures users may be able to invoke actions like locking the display, fast forwarding music / video play, Moving messages to top of inbox, Making messages hidden, Zooming in and perhaps many more. The Patent is in Korean with only this description in English.

Provided are a touch input method through an edge screen, and an electronic device. The touch method comprises the steps of: detecting a first touch with respect to a first edge screen and a second touch with respect to a second edge screen; determining a first position on the first edge screen corresponding to the first touch and a second position on the second edge screen corresponding to the second touch; detecting a first gesture for which the first position is a starting point and a second gesture for which the second position is a starting point; and carrying out a preset operation of an electronic device according to the combination of the first gesture and the second gesture.

Samsung has been using its Note series of Phablets to bring many new innovations on the table. So, Galaxy Note 8 packing Edge Screen Touch Input feature may not come as a surprise to many.

Source: WIPO

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