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WakeUp WhatsApp Trending on Twitter and you must Know why!!

A website has taken a Pledge FOR THE SAKE OF PRIVACY OF 1 BILLION PEOPLE and to ensure users safety and voice to be heard at whatsApp.

This website has come up with some shocking details about how web whatsApp user records are hacked and illegally used  to loot users at WhatsApp.

They even wrote a open Letter to WhatsApp, Read full letter

Open Letter to WhatsApp

Dear WhatsApp,

Do You know that many individuals and companies with the sole intention to steal personal data of WhatsApp users have cropped up?

These individuals and companies are using to loot the financial details, confidential information, pictures, videos, and chats of a billion WhatsApp users.

They do it easily, just by:

1. Scrapping the QR code from the WhatsApp Web
2.Posting that scrapped QR Code onto their phishing site/app
3.Asking visitors on their phishing page to scan it from WhatsApp on their phone, in return offering some prize, cash or anything that can lure a user
4.Once the user is done with scanning, these phishing individuals or companies get complete access to the user’s WhatsApp

1Group (An app based real estate broker’s network) is one of the examples which is doing this unscrupulous deed.

How dangerous it can become if any individual or company can get access to a large group of WhatsApp users? WhatsApp should look into this and identify if there is any breach of trust. If there is, then it should do something fast to rectify this situation. Otherwise personal and confidential information of a billion users is at stake and it can really cause a phishing bomb to explode with unimagined repercussions. Just think about if anti-national elements get into this phishing scam and what they can do with this.


The website has shared a video that shows how this unscrupulous company (allegedly by 1Group) is using WhatsApp Web to get into people’s WhatsApp Account.

Note- we can not guarantee the genuineness of The video as it  was shared by above discussed website.