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Sony Xperia Z1 20 MP camera takes on Lumia 1020’s 41 MP shooter!! Lumia1020 emerges winner.

A site has pitted Sony’s latest flagship 20 MP camera phone Xperia Z1 against arguable the best camera smartphone out there, yes, Lumia 1020. Xperia Z1 reveals itself to be a capable shooter in this shootout giving good fight to Lumia, but losing on details capture as cropped images by the reviewer show.

Have a look at some of the comparison images below,

Lumia 1020:

Lumia-1020-DetailXperia Z1:  Xperia-Z1-Detail Lumia 1020: Lumia-1020-Scaled-SampleXperia Z1: Xperia-Z1-Scaled-SampleIn low-light, Lumia 1020 captures more light than Xperia Z1 but saturation in case of Lumia 1020 is more than Xperia Z1 . Also, Lumia 1020 image seems to suffer from some hand-shake. But, if one needs to have a better camera for low-light, Lumia 1020 still will give one more from the captured scene.

Lumia 1020:

Lumia-1020-Night-FullXperia Z1:


According to the reviewer,

The large 41MP sensor on the Lumia tends to give you more zoom or detail in your images as you can see from the few images that we have cropped at 1:1 ratio. The night time full zoom image is of a window in a building and neither of the cameras can clearly depict that a person is sitting with in front of a table and a lamp hanging from the ceiling- something visible from the naked eye.

We can still wait for more comparisons from some more known sites who can do comparison in more challenging and diverse lighting conditions. But for now it seems Lumia 1020 retains its crown but Sony Xperia Z1 emerges as the best Android shooter.


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