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Nokia Moonraker Smartwatch Hands-on video reveals all that you wanted to know

Nokia Moonraker was a smartwatch developed by Nokia to complement its Lumia range, when it was still the old Nokia. Moonraker was supposed to come to the market around the time of doomed Nokia-Microsoft D&S deal. but was cancelled by Microsoft after the deal. Now, hands-on video featuring Nokia Moonraker has

Nokia’s Here Maps to power Samsung’s Tizen OS.

[xyz-ihs snippet="Fluids"] Here, Nokia's mapping arm has revealed in a tweet that it will power rival Samsung's Tizen OS. In a tweet today, Nokia has confirmed this saying, We're happy to power @TizenProject with maps and maps-related functionalities — HERE (@here) November 11, 2013   The term maps-related functionalities in above tweet may mean that