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Gravitational Waves detected for the first time ever

  What Albert Einstein theorized 100 years ago has been now detected and confirmed by scientists. Scientists have been able to detect "Gravitational Waves" using twin Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) detectors at LIGO laboratory in Louisiana. This is a revolutionary and ground-breaking discovery!! This discovery has been eluding scientists for long

Facebook for IOS gets updated with new features

Facebook for IOS gets updated with new feature that called "near by event". Facebook is very popular platform everyone has a Facebook. So near by feature will help you to find event, party..  Near you!you can browse a new section of the app designed to pair you with a party you

Cut the rope: magic launched for Android and ios

Most popular addictive game Cut the rope developers have launched new version of the game. It is called cut the rope magic. The gimmick to have you checking this out is that Om Nom  turn into an assortment of creatures. These include being a bird, dinosaur, fish, or a mouse. Each

Google photos gets update with new sharing features

  Google bring out upate for its Google photos with new features for Android and ios. Now sharing photos and videos with our relative's should be not difficult. Google bring out upate easy to share photos and instantly. There is best of feature is no set up is required to share photos to others.also

NASA confirms “Liquid Water” flows on today’s Mars. Posts Images & Video animation.

Update: NASA has now confirmed that Liquid Water does flow on Today's Mars intermittently. It has also posted images and a video animation showing the flow of water on the Red Planet. Read below highlights of what NASA has shared about its findings and also watch the video below. This actually